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Samsung UN55JU6700 Review

A Samsung UN55JU6700 Review: Is It Right For You?

The UN55JU6700 from Samsung is a new line of mid-range 4K UHD televisions that has a lot to offer without an enormous price tag. If you’re in the market for a high-quality, curved, 4K TV, then the JU6700 line, which includes the UN55JU6700, is worth your consideration. This Samsung UN55JU6700 review will look at the most important specs and features of this model to help you decide if it’s the TV for you.

A Look At The Specs.

The specs fall in the same category as the price range: not extremely high, but not low either. The screen size is just at 54.6” diagonally. It has a resolution of 3,8420 by 2,160 UHD pixels. 4 HDMI ports with 2.0 capability, 1 Ethernet port, 1 composite port, 1 component port, 3 USB ports, and your standard audio out ports.

On the subject of sound, the JUS6700 line is packing 2 10 Watt down firing speakers and 2CH base reflex speakers. It sounds great on its own, but most people who invest in this sort of TV are going to have a home theater sound system to go with it. It’s recommended to help get the most from your viewing experience.

Perfect For Newcomers.

Who is most likely to make a purchase after reading a Samsung UN55JU6700 review? Newcomers who are just starting out with their first 4K UHD home theater system and who don’t want to invest the big bucks it takes to purchase a high-end model.

That’s not at all a bad thing. The JU6700 performs exceptionally well for its price range. It might have a hard time competing with the most expensive models on the market, but that’s not who it’s intended for.

It has no problem competing with other models in the same price range. Non-OLED televisions from competitors fall short of the JU6700’s curved design, high resolution, and non-obtrusive design.

Simple And Sleek Design.

No Samsung UN55JU6700 review would be complete without mentioning its sleek and sophisticated design. The curved design takes it a step above the model in the price range below, which has a standard flat screen. It’s a sophisticated black display with a 55-inch screen and a half inch worth of bezel on the edges.

The minimalist bezel really works because it doesn’t distract you from movie watching experiences. Overall, most of the TV is designed with minimalism in mind. Samsung wants to draw your attention to the movie and not the rest of the TV.

Even the stand is small and sleek. It’s surprisingly strong for its small size. The smaller stand can easily be placed on a variety of different surfaces where you might not be able to place many other TVs of this size.

High Picture Quality.

Of course, you should expect high picture quality from a mid-range 4K UHD television. The JU6700 doesn’t disappoint in this area. It can deliver some deep blacks and vibrant, solid colors in various lighting conditions. Whether watching a movie in a lit room or watching it in the dark, you’ll enjoy a similar high-quality viewing experience.

Many televisions have a problem reproducing uniform black surfaces. The JU6700 is incredibly accurate in this department. Tests revealed uniform black with only small differences of about 1.3 percent around the edges of the screen. Not nearly enough to damage the picture quality.

Finally, there’s the clear coat screen technology that Samsung has been introducing with some of its models. It’s an edge-lit LED television, but their powerful lights and clear coat technology allow to perform as brightly as many backlit LED competitors.

Bottom Line.

It’s not the best 4K UHD television on the market, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s a mid-range television that easily outperforms all of the competition in the same price range. This is perfect for those of you looking to buy your first 4K UHD TV with a curved screen.

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LED TVs Vs LCD TVs – Which Is Better?

Are you considering purchasing a brand new TV? It is very likely that you are trying to decide between LED TVs vs LCD TVs. The truth is, not a lot of people know the extent of the difference between the two. Therefore, you are likely wondering which one is better and which one would work the best for your needs. In this article, we will be going over LED TVs vs LCD TVs and we will be discussing which one is better.


Despite it having a completely different acronym to define it, an LED TV is actually an LCD TV but a different type of one. In fact, the TV should actually be called and considered an LED-backlit LCD TV. However, that name would be way too long and simply would not stick. Therefore, the market and consumers simply refer to them as LED TVs for short.

Both of these TVs feature a liquid crystal display panel in order to properly control where the light is actively displayed on the screen. These particular panels are effectively utilizing a liquid crystal solution between the two panels in order to allow light to either pass through or get blocked. Each crystal essentially acts as a shutter which controls whether or not light can get through.

Because both of these kinds of TVs utilize the same kind of technology, you are likely wondering what the difference is between them. The main difference that seperates the two different types of TVs is backlighting. Original LCD TVs utilize cold cathode flourescent lamps which are known as CCFL’s in order to provide their backlighting. Whereas LED TVs actually utilize smaller and more efficient technology known as LEDs in order to effectively illuminate the screen. This in turn gives LED’s significant advantages.

Advantages Of LED Backlighting:

1. Much Smaller.

One of the main advantages of the technology utilized within LED’s is the fact that it is much smaller. LED’s are effectively much smaller than CCFL tubes. This ultimately means that LED TV’s can be produced much thinner than LCD TV’s. Pretty much all of the TV’s that are on the market that measure in at under an inch thick are actually made with LED because the technology is not forced to add much depth to the unit.

2. Consume Less Power.

Another advantage of LED backlighting is that they consume a lot less power than their technological counterparts. Because of this, they come with a pretty substantial energy savings over the course of the unit’s lifetime. After all, if you are planning on having the TV unit for a good 5 years, you should notice a good amount of savings over LCD displays.

3. Local Dimming Feature.

The main advantage that you are going to get with LED displays over LCD displays is the fact that LED displays have a feature that is known as ‘local dimming.’ This is a selective lighting technique that effectively allows for deeper blacks to be shown on the screen allowing for a much better overall picture. The main problem that is associated with LCD displays is the fact that the technology forces the output to emit full brightness in order to accurately display the picture. It is forced to do this which can cause the screen to end up looking washed out. Even if you are simply trying to show a single pixel on the screen, the entire screen has to be lit to maximum brightness. Thus, LED displays offer a much deeper black and better overall picture as a result.

In conclusion, if you are going to be investing in an LED or LCD television in today’s marketplace, you are likely going to want to invest in an LED display. The fact is, the technology behind LED displays is much better and allows for a much deeper picture. Because the screen is not going to have to be outputted at maximum brightness at all times, you are also going to be able to achieve much better viewing angles as well. This is great for anyone that is planning on purchasing a TV for their living room where people will be watching the TV from multiple angles. With LCD TV’s, you are going to get much worse viewing angles because the entire screen is going to emit maximum brightness at all times. Not only is it going to provide you with a better overall picture, but it is also going to be much thinner than it’s LCD counterpart. Because they are so thin, they are also going to be much easier and better for mounting which can offer a better overall experience and save you a lot of space in the room that you are placing your television.

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